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comic book

Network Creative Services, in conjunction with and, are proud to announce the imminent arrival of The Iron Outlaw, due for worldwide release in November, 2019. The graphic novel will usher in a new age for Australian based superheroes (and villains). We will also be unveiling a select range of merchandise including action figures and clothing.

It’s been a very long time since Australia had a superhero it could call it’s own. Introducing The Iron Outlaw, a being of immense power and integrity – if only it’s unwitting symbiont Tom Gunn can master these seemingly unfathomable abilities. He’ll need to learn quick as Tom’s ascendancy parallels the awakening of a world-killer long forgotten. Stand by for The Rise Of Iron

Tom Gunn thought he was just another ponderous twenty-two year old university student. One night, while assisting at the State Library of Victoria, Tom decides to wear the famous armour of Ned Kelly. Struck by a massive psychic blast he awakes dazed and confused to discover Australia’s most prized possession has vanished. Valued at over one hundred million dollars, Tom is accused of theft and is now on the run. Cornered at a train station he makes a break across the tracks and gets hit by a sixty carriage freight train. The train derails but Tom escapes! Seems the armour wasn’t stolen. Instead it was assimilated into Tom’s DNA. At times of peril his newly awakened abilities allow Ned Kelly’s armour to manifest. Once formed it creates an impregnable psychokinetic shield which grants Tom incredible strength.

But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…

In central Australia, an ancient evil stirs under the weight of it’s primordial tomb, Uluru. Cracks have appeared in it’s prison thanks to secret British nuclear tests in the 1950s. Buried for over forty millennia, this obliterator of human life now has a new food source – seven and a half billion of them! Can Tom Gunn come to terms with his new found powers in time to discover a way to defeat the impending Darkness?

Download: The Iron Outlaw comic book cover (PDF)

The Iron Outlaw